Midnight on the 1st of Janurary in 2000. The boy born at a lone tunnel lives in an empty apartment raising a mantis. He has three secrets. He doesn't know his mother. He wants to look at a girl'seyes directly. And he has been transformed into a weird thing.

Cast & Staff

[Director / Producer / Editor]
Hyo-jeong KIM
Sung-yong PARK
Ye-jin SONG
Hyo-jeong KIM / Sung-yong PARK
Gyeong-eop JANG
Su-bin CHAE

Directer's Profile

After graduating from Hanyang University, she studied film directing at Korean Academy of Film Arts. One of her shorts, <Rabbits and Bears>(2005) won so many prizes and got positive attention at Busan International Short Film Festival, Rencontres internationales Henri langlois, Clermont-Ferrand film festival, and so on. Her feature film, <Dancing Zoo>(2010) was screened at Jecheon International Music&Film festival and theatrically released.

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