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2015/JAPANESE(ENGLISH subtitle) /8min

From ancient times in Japan, there is a legend that children who died before parent are sent to Sai-no-Kawara. Sai-no-Kawara, a limbo for children, is located in a riverbed in the netherworld. These children do penance here by piling small stones high in the futile effort as a reward of lack of filial piety for parent. They believe they can climb out of the limbo into the paradise if they could build a stone tower.

There are a man and a girl in the graveyard. They seem to visit someone's grave. The girl starts to sing a song of friendship. This is a faint love story of the ghost.

Cast & Staff

[Cast] Hitoka Sakai
Keisuke Kato
Airi Nakajima
Rui Sudo
[Written & Directed by] Tetsuya Okabe
[Cinematographer] Keita Takahashi
[Lighting Director] Kohei Kobayashi
[Sound Recording] Takamitsu Kawai
[Wardrobe Stylist] Kyoko Baba
[Hairstyle and Make-up Artist] Shihomi Mochizuki
[Assistant Director] Huga Yaegashi

Directer's Profile

Tatsuya Okabe was born in Tokyo in 1982. As a free assistant director, he has worked with Nobuhiro Yamashita, Yuya Ishii and other film directors. He won the Governor of Hokkaido Prize for his first film "Haman" at the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival 2015. "Haman" was also screened at film festivals around the world including the Montreal World Film and the Sitges Film Festival.

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