2016/No dialogue /Japan Premiere/14min

Mishima lives in the shade, surrounded by worms in his underground lair. One morning, he discovers beautiful Saiko who awakens inside a rose. Saiko is thirsty. Saiko is hungry. Saiko is cold... But Mishima, like worms, is not supposed to live in the sunlight...

Cast & Staff

Director, Editing: Aude Danset •Graphic design:Minchi (Shino Shimizu) • Script: Aude Danset, Minchi (Shino Shimizu) • Animation: Loic Tari • Sound: Christian Cartier, Adam Wolny • Music: Frederic Boulard • FX: Benoit Delaunay, Thomas Renault

Directer's Profile

Aude Danset graduated from Supinfocom animation school in 2001. She started working in computer graphics and jobs related to her license in Databases and resource materials. In 2009, she co-directed with Carlos De Carvalho "First Fall", finished in 2013. It has received many awards in festivals.

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