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2015/Korean (ENGLISH subtitle) /International Premiere/19min,29sec

An old coffin comes ashore to a tiny fishing village.

Inside the coffin, there is a starving vampire!

She gets out and bites a fisher man’s neck but no blood can be drawn.

She finds that her fangs have decayed! Her struggle begins here...

Cast & Staff

[Director / Cinematographer / Editor]
SHIN Jong-hun / NA Hee-seok / KIM Jeong-hun
[Producer / Cinematographer / Still Photo]
LEE Chi-bum
KIM Hyun-sang
CHO Eun-ji / CHUNG Young-ki / CHOI Moo-sung / HONG Ju-hyung / JANG Deok-ho / JEONG Yeong-nan
LEE Myeong-ja / HWANG In-seong

Directer's Profile

Born in Fukuoka in 1977. In 2002, graduated from Kaya University School of Theatre & Film Arts

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