Look at Me Only

Look at Me Only

©2016 Tomoki Misato


A man shows his affection only to his "guinea pig", not appreciating the charm of his girlfriend. One day, he meets a beautiful lady of a flower. He is gradually getting attracted to her for her understanding the goodness of the guinea pig unlike the girl friend, who is jealous of it.

Doll stop motion animation shot from the first person perspective.

Cast & Staff

Mizuho Misato
Yuka Tsuchida
Milky (Guinea pig)
[Assistant of Stage sets and 2D animations]
Kaori Yamamoto
Kino Kusachi
Saki Natori
[Sound Design]
Yumeka Oyama
[Directon / Animation]
Tomoki Misato

Directer's Profile

Born in Tokyo in 1992. Graduated from Deportment of Visual Communication Design, College of Art and Design, Musashi Art University. Currently, in Deportment of Animation, Graduate School of Film and New Media Tokyo

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