Strangedays is Yasushi Koshizaka’s first independent film in 11 years. He is known as a director of various V-Cinemas including days series.

One actress who was on the brink of quitting the stage happened to visit “imprisoning work shop,” an actor training institute, during her on-site reporting. She found herself increasingly attracted to the abnormal place where actresses were imprisoned and did not refuse to have sex for acting.

Cast & Staff

Fukae Yonehara: Fukae Yonehara
Atsuji Tatsuda: Atsushi Tsuda
Fumiyasu Sakagoshi: Hiromi Nakata
Maya Inoue: Yukari Uno
Arima: Kota Okushima
Takeda: Ryuhei Kawana
Maruyama (producer): Shinzo Hotta
Producing, scriptwriting, direction, cinematograph, film editing, voicing: Yasushi Koshizaka
Still photos, recording: Junichi Kitamura
Assistant director: Tomoyuki Hase

Directer's Profile

Koshizaka was born in Tokyo in 1966. After graduating from the Department of Cinema at Nihon University College of Art, he joined a subsidiary company of Toei Company. Later, he became freelance. He currently produces V-Cinemas, video packages, educational films and other works by contract at his own company.

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