2016/JAPANESE(ENGLISH subtitle)/75min

What is important for a film? Is it a story? Camera work? Acting? Movement? Shout? Compelling? I have no idea.

It sometimes happens what people think is not interesting is interesting for you, and vice versa. There should be nothing that everyone thinks is interesting without universal values. Then, we have no choice but to  stick to what is interesting and precious for yourself.
Many people complain about "incomprehensibility" of some films or criticize about it. But for me,  the incomprehensibility is interesting. I sometimes even think that not-understanding is the best. I want to step into the incomprehensibility of human beings.  This film is something like this.

Cast & Staff

[Director / Scenario / Music]
Yuto Tsuge
Syunsuke Yamauchi

Takuya Mochizuki
Leon Ko Yonekawa
Mizuki Sugimoto
Yuichiro Okamura
Takuji Suzuki
Shinji Aoyama

Directer's Profile

Born in Aichi, in 1992. Graduated from Director Course, Department of Film  Production at Kyoto University of Art and Design in 2016. This film won "Department President's Award" at Kyoto University of Art and Design" in 2015.

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