2016年/JAPANESE(ENGLISH subtitle)/82min

When I was a child, my family had a turtle. My parents bought it after my elder brother had pestered them for the turtle. But he soon lost interest in it, and my father had to take all care of the turtle.

Ten years passed, and the turtle disappeared. My father apologized to my brother and me, saying that it had run away while he had been cleaning the water tank, in which we kept the turtle.

Since then, we have never mentioned the turtle. But I have dimly been aware that what my father had said was not true. At that time, I stayed away from school and spent more time with my father than my brother did.

The turtle that appeared in the film Journey of the Tortoise lives at my home now. My four-year son feeds it every morning, and I occasionally clean its water tank.

This movie is based on a true story, my real experience.

Cast & Staff

[Director / Script writer / Editor] Tadashi Nagayama
[Co-scriptwriter] Yuriko Suzuki
[Producer] Sho Takeda
[Cinematographer] Yoshiaki Jinno
[Lighting director] Koichi Tatebe
[Recording director] Shin Yamada
[Cast] Tomoki Kimura, Mizuki Suwa,
Yota Kawase, Supika Yufune,
Yukiko Takenaka, Kazunari Yanagitani, Masashi Omiya and others

Directer's Profile

Tadashi Nagayama was born in Kanagawa in 1983. After graduating from the Faculty of Arts at Tokyo Polytechnic University, he experienced various works as an assistant cameraman.

The first movie directed by him, Tobihi, won a prize at Pia Film Festival in 2012.

He currently works on commercials and video packages as a freelance director and cameraman.

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