Beethoven Medley

Beethoven Medley

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In a remote motel, there are 2 guys living next to each other between the wall. One guy, whose name is Dobin(in his early 40), is trot composer. He gets musical inspiration from women's sexual screaming of the next room guy, whose name is Doosik(in his mid 30). Doosik is a playboy and changes women day to day but he has the principle that is only one-night per one woman. But 2 guys barely know each other's faces and never have talked.
One day, young and charming lady, Pia enters the motel. She used to be a hostess in a bar and now wants to be a trot singer. And she becomes a pupil of Dobin.
As she appears in 2nd floor at the motel, the trio build up the another kind of love. And she's making her debut with Dobin's composing trot song.

Cast & Staff

[Producer / Cinematographer / Still Photo]
Lim cheol-min
Cinematographer KWON Young Joon
Recording KWAK Ki Nam, JEONG Jong Ho
Dobin SHIN Moon Seong
Pia KOH Hyun Ji

Directer's Profile

After 10 years of film editing career, he made his first short film MOONLIGHT SONATA which was invited to several film festivals including the 22nd YUBARI International Film Festival.
BEETHOVEN MEDLEY is his feature length debut film.

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