Le coeur régulier

Le coeur régulier


2016/FRENCH and JAPANESE(with ENGLISH and JAPANESE subtitle)/95min/Courtesy of Need Productions / Blue Monday Productions

Alice lives with her husband and two adolescent children in France, and her young brother Natan comes back to her house from a trip. Natan says that he found his willingness to live in Japan. However, a few days later, he suddenly passed away. Alice was shocked by his death, and traveled to Japan alone to find what had changed Natan. Trusting to his words he left, Alice followed in his footsteps. And she met a former police officer Daisuke living in a seaside village. He tenderly heads people visiting the village to suicide themselves off from killing themselves by jumping off a precipice of the village. Alice has something sense of peace in the place where they are not required too much and are able to heal emotional wounds calmly. Before long Alice spontaneously awakens to the meaning of life and gradually gets well again through persons, such as Daisuke, Jiro, Midori, Hiromi, Haruki and so on. The director, Vanja d'Alcantara, shows a heartwarming emotional work that is set in Japan which is her second feature film.

Cast & Staff

Vanja d'Alcantara
Olivier Adam
[executive producer]
Anne-Laure Guégan
Denis Delcampe
Bertrand Gore
Ruben Impens
[Production Design]
Isabelle Girard
Mayumi Tomita

Isabelle Carré
Jun Kunimura
Niels Schneider
Fabrizio Rongione
Mugi Kadowaki
Masanobu Andô
Nana Nagao
Shono Hayama

Directer's Profile

Born in Belgium. Vanja d'Alcantara studied filmmaking at Brussels Film School and script writing at New York University. In 2006, her short film as a director “ Granitsa ” was shown at a great number of International film festivals. Her directorial debut “Beyond the Steppes” (10) was presented at Competition Section of Locarno International Film Festival, and got the Special Jury Prize at Marrakech International Film Festival and the Best Director Award in SKIP City International D-Cinema Festival 2011.

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