2017JAPANESE(English Subtitle)85minPRESENTED BY: blank13 Production Committee

Koji’s gambling father who disappeared 13 years ago leaving debts behind him is found alive and has 3 months to live. While Koji’s mother and his older brother have a grudge against him, Koji wonders what his father was really doing during that period, and whether he is still worthless like his mother and brother think of or a good father like the image he has in his memory.

6 months later, Koji hears stories about his father from attendees at his funeral which fills in a 13-year-blank in his memory that he thought would have been impossible. Furthermore, the facts that even his family doesn’t know start being revealed. This is a family drama based on a true story.

Directed by Takumi Saitoh, primarily known as an actor. This is his seventh directorial project and his debut feature film. Starring Issei Takahashi as Koji, Mayu Matsuoka as his girlfriend, Lily Franky as the vanished father and numerous talented and unique cast for the attendees of the funeral, a role of a sound director is taken by Nobuaki Kaneko who works as an actor and a musician.


Cast & Staff

Takumi Saitoh
[original story]
Koji Hashimoto
Mitsutoshi Saijo
[sound director]
Nobuaki Kaneko
Miwa Sasagawa "Family landscape" cuttting edge
Daisuke Sakuma
Yuiko Kobayashi

Issei Takahashi
Mayu Matsuoka
Takumi Saitoh
Misuzu Kanno
Riku Onishi
Ryo Kitafuji
Yohta Kawase
Hiroshi Kanbe
Jiro Sato
Sairi Itoh
Jun Murakami
Kazuki Namioka
Yoshikazu Ebisu
Jeitaro Sugisaku
Seiji Fukushi
Hideo Sakaki
Nobuaki Kaneko
Lily Franky

Directer's Profile

Born in 1981. After working as a model, he made his acting debut in 2001. In recent years, he has appeared in several films, including The Ninja War of Torakage (2015), A Cappella (2016), The projects (2016), Hirugao (original title, 2017). Winning a prize of Japanese Serbian Film Festival 2015 and nominated for 2015 International Digital Emmy Awards, his directorial film Half & Half was highly acclaimed overseas.

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